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Collect as much candy as you can from the adults on their porches by clicking your interact key (found in the settings ( Gear icon ) menu). Once the adults run out of candy, run into their houses while they restock and steal candy out of the chests (also the interact key). 

But there is a catch! If the adults turn around and spot you in their house, they will take away some of your candy.
On the roof you will find chest overflowing with candy, but watch out for the ghosts.
The player with the most candy when the night ends (when the moon has passed across the sky) wins!

All controls can be found in the settings menu that is on the character selection screen.

As you can see this game is missing a trailer and screen shots. If you want to you can send images and videos of you playing the game to Save1401m@gmail.com that I will use for the game's trailer and this page. You can also email me if you find any bugs in the game or think I should change something in the game.

Install instructions

Download it.

Extract it (right click, click on extract)

Don't delete anything in the extracted folder.

Click on the .exe



HappyHalloween.zip 23 MB

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